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Hi! My name is Felicia and I am a concerned citizen. I consider myself a moderate liberal so while there have been things in the past that I have stood up against and protested; this is the first time I have ever felt the need to be actively involved EVERY DAMN DAY! Which quite frankly is exhausting but I feel like I just can’t “wait to see” what is going to happen. I need to do my best to stop things from happening and truly understand the action behind the headlines. Which leads me too….


Truth is we are in an era of headlines sell newspapers and clicks AND those equal money. Problem is some people don’t delve any deeper than that. I am a fact gatherer. I have this crazy notebook filled with every bill that has been introduced by the House and Senate since the beginning of the year. On a State level, I am tracking 100s of bills to see what they are doing. I like to look past the headlines and get to what is really happening. The current administration (both in TX & National levels) like to do this thing called misdirection. They will steer your eyes away from what is really going on and make you pay attention to tweets, scandals, and other nonsense. It really is the most frustrating thing to me. I feel there should be some level of punishment for that but until there is, I am going to continue looking at the action not the glitter.


I don’t really know. I mostly want to be an informed citizen and if I can pass along even a little bit of information without to much of a “party” stance  then I will be happy. I have voted all over the ticket in the past, so I am not a staunch Democrat or Republican. However, I do have liberal leanings (mostly social) and generally I am fiscally conservative (though not so much with the current administration). I have found that good leaders can exist under any “party” tag and it really takes them to make a difference.


I am a proud American! My hope with this blog is to show how a concerned citizen can make a difference. I hope to reach across party lines but I understand that I might not. In the end, I really hope that I can look back at this some day and say “I made the effort”. I don’t want to be one of those that quietly sits by why things are going south for some many. I am an introvert, so in the end this is the best vehicle for me to drive change!

Final Thoughts

I know at the very least that I am going to be true to myself.  With that, I hope that you will too! If you ever want to contribute please get in touch with  me. I only have 3 rules:

  1. No name calling
  2. Stick to the facts–not headlines
  3. Be passionate (and yes you can curse)

Same thing goes for comments! I will delete any that call names (If you can’t form an argument without resorting to basic elementary bully stances there is no place for you here)!!





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Felicia is just your typical TX gal that likes to look past the headlines and get to the facts. She is spirited, sassy, and sarcastic. She can often be found with a glass of wine and an old school notebook. She finds writing things down helps her think!

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  1. Berls

    Love it!!! I’ve recently felt the same way and have added a bit of politics to my Sunday Post. I’m with you on the need to research though – and it’s a lot of work to stay informed. I look forward to your posts!

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