Somewhat short “how to” for Texas Legislature Online

I have covered Congress.Gov House and Senate but now is time to cover Texas. This is my home state so I watch it even more closely than I do national politics.

So the Texas Legislature just kicked into high gear (if you are reading this in March 2017). They spent the first of the year submitting well over a 6000 bills and now they are starting to take action on them.

The big question is how do you follow what is going on when there is a lot to wade through!

Get an account so you can track the bills that matter to you! In the top right hand corner there is a Login link. It will take you to where you can create an account. You have to login each time you visit the site so keep that in mind!

Learn your way around the site! The most current days events for both the House and Senate are on the right-hand side. I use the filed bills all TONS!

Want to see historical data so you can look up previously filed bills? I really like looking at the TX House Daily Journals and TX Senate Daily Journals (for general day briefings). However if you are looking for a place you can click on and it will take you directly to the bill to follow then look no further than Bill Search. If you leave most of the fields blank you can get every bill for the current (or past) session. From there you can just click on the bill number and it will take you out to the bill.

Follow the bills that you want too by opening the bill and then clicking on add to bill list (or alert if you want emails sent to you about it)

For email alerts your email will look like the picture below. You will receive an alert each time it takes a step through the process.

If you are curious about how everything works then on the right hand side of the landing page is a handy “How To” section!

Finally I will end with there are plenty more things on the site that are worth looking at! First curious about who the reps are and how they break down demographically? There is tons of information on the Legislative Reference Library Page you can compare sessions, find members, and whole lot more!

Hopefully this helps my fellow Texans feel more comfortable navigating our State Legislators site!









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