Somewhat short “how to” for Congress.Gov PT 2 (Senate and How to Follow Bills)

Howdy y’all! So to keep this somewhat short I divided this post into 2 parts. I did how to setup an account and covered the House in Part 1. In Part 2, I will cover the Senate and how to track a bill. Hopefully y’all will feel comfortable navigating the site and make it part of your fact-finding when tracking down things you hear on the news.

Somewhat short “how to” for Congress.Gov PT 1 (House)

Good Morning y’all! One of the first posts I wanted to do here on The Geeky Blogger was a “How To” for getting around Congress.Gov . I fully encourage everyone to get comfortable with this site. It helps a lot when trying to look past headlines and getting to what is happening in Congress. On the site you can see all bills submitted from beginning to end. You can also see when Congress is in session and if you are super interested watch the floor proceedings. Hopefully this post will help you feel comfortable navigating your way through the site.

The Geeky Blogger’s Govt Blog: Purpose, Why, and Hope?

Hi! My name is Felicia and I am a concerned citizen. I consider myself a moderate liberal so while there have been things in the past that I have stood up against and protested; this is the first time I have ever felt the need to be actively involved EVERY DAMN DAY! Which quite frankly is exhausting but I feel like I just can’t “wait to see” what is going to happen. I need to do my best to stop things from happening and truly understand the action behind the headlines. Which leads me too….